A solution to help you up onto the property ladder.

Are you struggling to save a deposit for a house?
Want to be a homeowner, but have a poor credit history?
Sick of throwing rent money down the drain?
We have the solution!
We run a scheme called the rent to own scheme

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The Rent to Own scheme is ideal for:

  1. First time buyers.
  2. People unable to get a mortgage at present due to length of time living in the UK.
  3. People that have had financial difficulty in the past but are now rebuilding their financial credibility.   

Easyrent2own.co.uk specialise in helpingTenant Buyers to buy their home in the Croydon and surrounding areas. However, all Tenant Buyers are welcome to use our service as we often have Rent to Own properties in various areas of the UK on our database.

To Qualify:

- You must be employed or self-employed
- Need to have some 'Getting Started Money' - this is taken off the purchase price on completion.
- Be able to provide references from your bank and landlord (if applicable)